Our Island is an island lifestyle brand.
The African Tulip, seen on the ridges of Oahu
The brown Heron, which flys to the island.
Honu, the sea turtle.
Shown at Macro Micro show at the Light Grey Art Lab. DNA.
Product design for goods for sale on Envelop.
Product design for sale on many different goods.
A series cute characters, food, and pairings for TACK, a line of temporary tattoos based out of New York.
Downloadable free font for the language of cute in three different weights and with a full set of glyphs
A large scale mural.
Branding work for streetwear line City for Kings and Noble Collab. Identity, print, online, and t-shirt collateral.
Pattern design.
Mural for Minneapolis based design studio Very Inc.
A installation on Censorship featuring silk banners and collateral.
Pattern Design featuring CatCat world.
A pattern-based mural.
A product design for goods on sale at Envelop.
Pre-show entertainment for MCAD.
A mural featuring egrets.
A redesign of an encyclopedia of superstitions.
A poster for the MCAD All School Project 2011, which had the theme of Memory.
Pattern Design.
T-shirt design with kudu.
Skateboard design with inuwashi.
Pop Surrealism personal research project on art movement.
A three layer screen print and mural.
A screen print for Crystal Castles.
Illustrations utilizing elements of the Pacific Coast native art style.
Illustration of Lady Gaga.
Print Process prints.
Red Stamp invitations and stationery for girls.
Publication of the first 10 dimensions.
A zine for Why?'s song By Torpedo or Crohn's.
ROBOTLove apparel tags.
Travel Illustration.
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