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Four Scenarios From the Union
of Mrs. Lemody and Mr. Alfred Mooshka

This is a piece on DNA for a show on the natural at the Light Grey Art Lab called Macro and Micro, shown May 2013. One of the most interesting aspects to me about the natural world in the "Everything Else" category and in general is DNA. From two different sets of biological data a series of different outcomes are possible, I wanted to provide an easy to read visual of a complex topic often considered unintelligable.

Therefore the Mooshkas came to be, a family of mice that show the different coat patterns available in simple, straightforward inheritance (Mendelian) that a few things adhere to. When it comes down to it, there are only four coat patterns available in the dots and stripes matrix and it isn't so cryptic after all. Check out other showings at the Light Grey Art Lab.
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