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Assorted Prints
Ecobombs is a print detailing the existence of the rumored development of an eco-friendly bomb. It has a whopping six layers and is the recipient of a top award from the National Screenprinters Guild and was exhibited as part of a national exhibition at the University of Minnesota in 2011.

(C) as in copyright is a print made using 80% Helvetica letterforms. When using this font I was thinking it was interesting to make something so characteristic out of something so generic—embellishment out of basic forms.
Inuit Print is a print of a bird made using tribal symbols hand carved in to filter paper and burned according to the retrograde way of screen printing. Carving the symbols by hand was a task. This piece was largely a process piece to aquaint me with screenprinting.

Treachery of Animals is a symbolic rendering of a cute animals in a bright and kitchen-and-home applicable color palette. I wanted each animal to form an icon that would fit together as a whole.
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