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This work was made to capture intangibility in a flat graphic. This illustration is pinpointing both representationally and allegorically the energy that I often seek to capture; I want it to be compelling, subtle, graceful, with a duality of both positive and negative affect.

Because of the duality and polarity of the goals I have chosen the name, which also functions as a ironic statement because of the overall combination of mundane actions the piece performs.
The trees are representative of the prickling of restlessness after a long period of concentration. The waves are an expression of the subtlety of dancing of motions that are necessary to make it though daily life, a weaving of probabilities in to history. Geometry functions as an expression of logic and predictability. Anonymity of the form is a use of facelessness to make a statement of a broader truth.

This piece was exhibited in New York in 2011 and remains in the Society of Illustrators archives.
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