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Memory All School Project MCAD 2011
This identity was created through MCAD Designworks, an in-house studio in the top midwestern art college. For this poster it was necessary to come up with a graphic system with multiple solutions as there would be many applications for the images. In this way I created an identity for the show that includes a static graphic pattern that is repeated in multiple formations, colorizations of nostalgic photos, a irregular polygon grid, and a stacked use of text.

I wanted to create a feeling of memory as nostalgia
related to watching old degraded videotapes. However it was important not to have it be representative as students would feel the need to enter work following a certain aesthetic. In this way I utilized the static to varying degrees as an abstraction.

My designs were exhibited throughout the school in many different sized kiosks, used as a backdrop for lectures, and used as an internet banner on MCAD's main student website. The show ran with high turnout results and I received positive feedback from multiple sources.
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