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Censorship East and West
An exhibition was held at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Spring 2012 that was the exhibition of research and visualization of the effect of Chinese Communism on the western world. Within the next decade the world can expect a dominant Chinese economy; I want to explore the impact of Chinese national standards regarding censorship of the internet, media, and our currently western dominated socioeconomic and cultural spheres.

In order to do this I explore the marraige of east and west by merging different cultural symbols and implicating eastern censoring upon things that are familiar. I wanted to make the images both serious and
humorous to reflect an idea of the dystopia as being silly and predictable. Maybe I share a predominately British viewpoint that there is nothing sillier than bureaucracy and that it is in need of celebration.

The poetic content is a result of obtaining a list of keywords that are censored on Baidu, the primary search engine in China, and spliced them with propaganda from the 60th Anniversary of the Communist Party in China. The poetry falls under the categories of Opulence/
Hedonism, Gambling, Sex, and Alcohol/Narcotics. I utilize the poetry to make pieces that are polar, colorful, playful, and full of many different kinds of patterning.
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